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Cherry Tree Lane

The owners of this home dreamt of classic kitchen decor and a timeless kitchen, featuring a large island built for baking and family breakfasts.


Our in-house team designed this solid oak veneer kitchen in Hague Blue, a bold colour choice that sits perfectly within this light and airy room. A mix of chrome cups and knobs were used for drawer handles, fitting in perfectly with the traditional kitchen decor. A large piece of Kashmera Quartz perfectly rests on top of the cabinets, the subtle grey veins of this unique piece finish off the kitchen.


As requested we designed a large island with plenty of storage for baking equipment. This island differs from your traditional style, as it seems to be suspended and held by 5 pilasters, one in each corner. However, we installed a sub box in the middle of the island giving structural support and creating the illusion the island is only being supported by the pilaster legs.

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Park Lane

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