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Kitchen Door Handles

With over 90 years experience in the manufacture of brass, we are proud to announce our new partnership with Armac Martin. Their diverse handle selection are expertly crafted in England, and feature the highest level of craftsmanship, design and detailing. Giving you a beautiful product that will truly stand the test of time.


Each kitchen door handle, cabinet knob, t-bar and pull has been designed and created by a highly experienced team. Ensuring each piece not only compliments your space but adds the perfect finishing touch. The extensive selection of finishes and handles ensure you will find the perfect addition to your new kitchen and utility room.

kitchen door handles
kitchen cupboard handles
grey kitchen door handles

Handle Finishes

Brass is a popular material for handles, due to the variety of finishes that can be achieved. Armac Martin have 20 handle finishes available, from contemporary styles such as matt black and copper plate, to traditional and timeless classics like chrome and satin brass. Each being handmade with care and precision, giving you the perfect finish to stand the test of time.

Satin Chrome kitchen door handles
Polished Chrome kitchen door handles
Polished Brass kitchen door handles
Antique Silver Plate kitchen cupboard handles
Antique Copper Plate kitchen door handles
black kitchen door handles
American Bronze kitchen cupboard handles


Solid brass hinges are the perfect finishing touch to your cupboards and drawers, giving you a sophisticated and polished overall look. With 20 finishes available, from chocolate bronze to chrome, hinges are a subtle way to add personality and style to your cupboards.

kitchen door handles and hinges
kitchen door hinges
kitchen door hinges

Silent Magnetic Catches

Silent magnetic catches stop the usual slam and clunk noise when a drawer or cupboard is closed. The pieces from Armac Martin are sleek, stylish and silent and will match any interior and kitchen style. Finishes available: chrome, gilt, bronze and nickel.

kitchen cupboard handles
magnetic catches
kitchen magnetic catches

Finer Details

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