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Interior Services

We recognise that every individual has their own skills and requirements for their project. From big to small, we can take care of everything, or simply point you in the right direction. You may have already curated a selection of furniture or artwork that fit your designs perfectly, and may only require a basic consultancy on cohesion and layout. Alternatively, you may have grand designs with nowhere to start. At Thomas James Interiors, we understand that homes are as unique as their owners, which is why we’ve created three different packages to suit various budgets and requirements, helping you to create your dream home.

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Package One

Our first package available, at the lower end of the price range, involves an interior design consultation between you and our designers. Whether you want to discuss your initial plans regarding room layout and furniture, or are looking for inspiration for colour schemes and furnishings, we can help. We can offer innovative and imaginative advice to help you produce your own stylish, reimagined space.


Package Two

Our mid-range package includes all of package one, with additional benefits such as sourcing items for your project. An initial consultancy with our talented team will see mood boards and initial designs brought to life. After any adjustments and refinements, we then begin sourcing items to create the desired finish. From larger pieces such as guest beds and family-friendly sofas and chairs, to the finer elements like cushions and ornaments that complete the look. With access to numerous craftspeople and artists, we are able to source individual and bespoke items that exude luxury and sophistication or demonstrate your quirky, unique style. No matter your personality and taste, we always create a space tailored entirely for you.


Package Three

Our third, top-tier package allows you to take advantage of the initial consultation, high-spec designs and complete overseeing of the project from start to finish. Along with every benefit of packages one and two, our team will also take the reins, sourcing and purchasing bespoke items and individual pieces to bring your ideas to life.


Additionally, we coordinate with trades where needed, scheduling work at a convenient time for you, and overseeing the tasks to completion. This package offers comprehensive project management, providing you with complete peace of mind that your designs will be completed on time, on budget and to the highest standard of finish. Collaborating closely with you during the brief, initial concept, designing and implementation ensures we achieve a truly show-stopping, personalised space.


Whichever package you decide suits your needs best, Thomas James Interiors are here to help you reimagine your current living situation into a stunning and bespoke, yet functional and practical space, encouraging you and your family to eliminate the constraints between the built environment and a better way of life.

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