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2021 Summer Palette: Rich & Earthy

This summer, we're loving the bold, bright and perhaps unusual colour palettes that homeowners are opting for. Strong shades, bold textures and out-there fixtures are becoming more popular as people leave the herd behind and step out on their own.

The rich and earthy trend takes its inspiration from nature, using deep and natural shades as a foundation, with accents in mustard and terracotta to make a statement. Whereas you can find any colour in its raw form in the great outdoors, this trend sees shades of brown, green, and orange at the forefront- the hues found in the soils themselves.

This trend favours the traditional shaker style for cabinetry, thanks to its solid, reliable and rustic qualities. Opting for solid timber means that the facades may be sanded and repainted with ease, facilitating the needs of an indecisive homeowner, as trends come and go. Warm, rich shades of mustard, forest green and burnt orange are beautiful choices, creating a look as individual as it is homely.

Stone-fired ceramics, such as the exquisite ranges from Shaws of Darwen, are a must to continue the earthy trend. Deep Belfast or Butler sinks enhance the handcrafted feel, without compromising on quality or design.

For worksurfaces, natural materials such as quartz or solid wood look right at home in an earthen kitchen. When using quartz, the options are limitless due to modern manufacturing, and we suggest opting for a softer shade of white, with strong brown or grey feathering to add to the rustic look. Solid timber can be more cost-effective, can be stained in any colour to suit the colour scheme, and can be sanded and re-treated time and again to give new life to your kitchen.

Although Smart appliances have stormed the field recently, when it comes to earthy, rustic kitchens, freestanding is key. So forget about the sleek and compact futuristic ovens of now, and take it back a century or two to the range era. These beautiful and time-tested appliances sympathise perfectly with the rich and earthy trend, providing a focal feature and a dash of heritage.

For fixtures and finishes, materials such as pewter, brass and nickel add a homely effect. Mix and match traditional shapes like cup handles and knobs for an effortless earthen look, and continue the final finish through to taps, radiators and accessories, for a carefully curated style.

When it comes to rich, nature-inspired trends, this earthen palette is strong and bright- allowing you to take inspiration from the elements with a twist of your own personal style. With stripped wooden floors, surfaces that look freshly-dug from the earth itself, and dashes of terracotta, brown and green, earthen kitchens are fresh, homely and bold.

If you've been inspired by what you've just read, contact Thomas James Bespoke today to discuss how we can help with your latest project.


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