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A closer look at our bedrooms and wardrobes

This week we're discussing our bespoke bedrooms and walk-in wardrobes.

With our team's extensive skill set and finely crafted craftsmanship, we can create environments that maximise the space within your home. Whatever function you require from the room, we can help you bring this to life. Bespoke, handmade furniture, whether it be functioning cupboards or wardrobes, will make any room feel more luxurious and cohesive.

Built-in furniture within our bespoke bedrooms features shelving and drawers customised for the client's personal effects. As each piece is handmade by our team, we can adjust dimensions to the millimetre to fit any challenging spaces, such as alcoves or loft conversions, so you receive a truly bespoke service every time. In addition, we can design your wardrobes with fully customisable storage, including shoe cubbies, jewellery organisers and handbag displays.

Let's take a closer look at 3 of our contemporary bedrooms and walk-in wardrobes.

First up is Willow Way. The owners of this home in Longton had the vision to create a beautiful dressing area using two existing alcove spaces. Our in-house design team worked with the client's interior designer to develop, build and fit six large double wardrobes that stretched from floor to ceiling.

To fit in with the home's interior, existing skirting boards were matched to run around the cabinetry base. We also included a two-layer cornice built up to the ceiling, creating a beautiful subtle detail to the dressing area that finished off the wardrobes perfectly.

Next up, Knot Acre. When designing this space, the homeowners wanted a walk-through wardrobe space with maximum storage. So our design team created a series of walk-through wardrobes and a dressing table suitable for storing all their items, from clothing and shoes, handbags, ties and watches.

We created custom compartmentalisation bespoke to our client's needs, making the dressing area personalised. The internal carcasses for these wardrobes were made from American black walnut, matched with solid walnut inlaid with solid brass for the drawers. Contemporary solid brass handles were also chosen to match the warm colour tones and materials used.

When designing their teenage son's bedroom, the owners of Windsor Avenue requested large wardrobe units in a traditional style that matched the wood panelling currently installed in the bedroom. To fit in with the interior of this home, our team designed and hand-built a sizeable bespoke wardrobe in a traditional shaker style. We kept in mind the clients' requests for the wardrobes to match the room's beautiful wood panelling and mirrored the style on the door fronts.

The wardrobe units feature two double doors that open onto hanging space for clothing and a mix of drawers and shelves suitable for storing and organising shoes and bags. These wardrobes were finished with striking pull brass handles with matching rectangular backplates. All internal cabinetry is solid oak veneer, with oak dovetailed internal drawers.

That's it! An insight into our most recent, bespoke bedrooms and wardrobes. If you like the look of these spaces and want to level up a room in your home, visit our contact page to book a design consultation with our team:


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