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Armac Martin - The Dougan

Our long-standing partnership with the exquisite crafters at Armac Martin is based on our shared passion for quality and tradition. By favouring classic styles and attention to detail, it's easy to see why this company has garnered such a highly-regarded reputation- not just nationally but worldwide. Their products speak for themselves; from traditional and minimalistic designs to their more detailed, art-deco inspired pieces- alongside the vast range of finishes- there's a look perfect for every kitchen at Armac Martin.

One of their latest ranges, The Dougan, leans more towards the simplistic end of the spectrum. "Presenting a beautiful blend of style and sophistication, let us introduce you to one of our most desired collections- meet Dougan."

The collection is inspired by the deco-design era, when detail and style began to push their way into function, which is evident in the design. Upon first glance, or from afar, the handles appear minimalistic, with their smooth, rounded design and curved backplate. However, the deco details and statement grooves are apparent upon closer inspection, bringing a second dimension to the elegant pieces. The subtle ridges hark back to the roaring twenties- but more furtively than other collections by Armac Martin, such as the Aberdovey, which is strongly inspired by this era.

By designing a relatively minimalistic handle and then introducing a subtle yet statement detail, Armac Martin has created a range that looks elegant and bold in almost any kitchen style. From traditional, shaker-style kitchens to sleek, understated designs, the Dougan range instantly elevates any scheme.

The Dougan, as with all their products, are handmade using solid brass and are available in a vast array of finishes to suit any kitchen design. The ever-popular burnished brass looks right at home against any colour worksurface, especially traditional colours such as deep blue and sage. In contrast, the more contemporary satin nickel exudes elegance against light and airy schemes.

For most homeowners, a mix of styles of handles is the go-to when selecting finishes. The Dougan is available in varying sizes of knob and pull handles- perfect for any cabinetry or appliance- allowing you to add an extra touch of style.


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