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Built-in furniture- archaic or up-and-coming?

Updated: May 6, 2021

Bespoke bedroom storage

Walking into any home these days, you’ll find a plethora of free-standing furniture, be it bespoke and simple to mirror the minimalist trend sweeping the nation, or vintage treasures picked from antique stores. The freedom to rearrange your rooms on a whim, to create more space or to readjust the function is, of course, highly appealing. Much more so, it seems nowadays, than bulky, space-consuming built-in furniture.

With built-in furniture from the 20th century terrifying the modern homeowner with its plastic coating and outdated styles, you’d be forgiven for instantly wanting to rip it out of your new home. Fixed furniture comes with a stigma- ugly, passé and intimidating, making even the largest room seem cramped and dark. We at Thomas James Bespoke think it’s about time that homeowners rediscover the beauty of fixed furniture.

Bespoke Bathroom Storage

Contrary to popular belief, fitted furniture done right- meaning tailor-made to your room- can ensure you make the absolute most of your space, no matter the size or shape. Older, history-rich houses can be full of unique and often challenging features- sloping ceilings, wonky walls and random alcoves, whilst adding character, can prove difficult to design around. Our in-house design team can plan around these quirks, incorporating them into the finished look, seamlessly tying them in, or hiding them altogether. We handcraft bespoke, custom-made cabinetry around your space.

Made-to-measure office furniture

With the freedom to design your own furniture comes the ability to add unique features that work for you. If you are a firm believer in ‘a place for everything...’, you’ll appreciate the beauty of designing your own storage. We can create drawers with small sections for jewellery, watches and ties, individual units for every handbag, pair of shoes or briefcase, and wardrobes with varying interior heights to accommodate full suits, dresses and t-shirts alike. Whatever you own, you can design a space for anything to be proudly showcased, or nestled safely away.

Bespoke fitted wardrobe

Our solid wood creations are designed to stand the test of time, unlike many cheaper, churned out high-street store alternatives. Investing in bespoke fitted furniture that reflects your own style will ensure it stays fresh and timeless. Whether you’re looking for bathroom storage in a shaker style, minimalistic bespoke bedroom furniture, or a country-style kitchen, Thomas James can expertly craft any look for any room. With a range of materials and wood types, handles of varying styles, shapes and lengths, and our own colour palettes to choose from, you can create your own perfect furniture.

Made-to-Measure Bathroom Storage

Don’t shy away from built-in furniture. The dated plastic-coated styles you see on home-renovation shows have to go- we completely agree. However, if you’re looking for beautifully handcrafted, custom-made furniture that will increase space, showcase your style and provide a home for every item you cherish, it should be a strong contender for your next home project.


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