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Elevating Your Home with Bespoke Furniture: A Look into our Mottram St Andrews Project

Our recent project, focusing on bespoke furniture in bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms, and a bespoke bar, beautifully exemplifies how each meticulously crafted piece enhances daily life. At Thomas James Bespoke, we go beyond kitchen design, to create exceptional spaces in the whole home.

Here's a closer look into our recent Mottram St Andrews project, where we designed beautiful bespoke furniture to create a truly unique and unforgettable home that the whole family can enjoy.


We understand that bedrooms are more than just places to sleep. They are sanctuaries of comfort and tranquillity. For each bedroom around the home, we designed custom wardrobes with innovative storage solutions that are as beautiful as they are efficient - keeping the bedroom area looking clean and clutter-free at all times.

In the master bedroom, we also crafted a bespoke dressing table that creates a real talking point. Complete with illuminated panels, it provides the perfect place to spend as long as you need getting ready for the day (or night) ahead.

Living Room Elegance:

The living room is the heart of a home, and at Thomas James Bespoke, we recognise its importance. Within this project, we crafted bespoke cabinets to house the family's record collection and glassware. Complete with bi-fold pantry doors, these cabinets helps to maintain an uncluttered ambiance, fostering quality moments and relaxation in this space.

Study in Style:

In a world where home offices are essential, we've risen to the challenge with custom desks. These bespoke furniture pieces blend aesthetics with purpose, catering to individual needs. This bespoke home office desk in Mottram St Andrews is an aesthetically pleasing but practical and productive space, with ample space and storage for home office supplies.

Crafting Social Spaces: The Bespoke Bar:

Entertainment spaces hold a special place in a home's layout, and we're particularly proud of the unique bar design in this project. Meticulously selected materials and intricate design work harmonise to create an inviting space for socialising, utilising illuminated panels to create a design with a difference that is sure to be a talking point at the next social gathering.

Thomas James Bespoke's commitment to excellence is woven into every aspect of our work. Our team of skilled craftsmen and designers imbue each project with passion, ensuring that every piece of bespoke furniture is a work of art. From conception to realisation, meticulous attention to detail is the hallmark of our approach.

Mottram St Andrews is a testament to our unwavering dedication to transforming houses into exceptional homes through bespoke furniture. If you're looking to transform your home, get in touch with us via email: or request a consultation through our website here.


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