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Four kitchen trends that won't age overnight

As with all aspects of modern living, fashion and trends are cyclical and fast. They come and go in the blink of an eye- one day they're hot, and the next, they're not. Planning a kitchen renovation or refresh can seem impossible in this technology-driven era, where everyone's posting each minutia of their homes and lives. It's almost impossible to stay ahead of the game.

This is why we've compiled a list of our favourite ways to update your kitchen in a smaller way- to add a fresh new look to the heart of the home without breaking the bank or sending you into a mini-meltdown.

Integrated Cabinetry

With 2019-2021 being such a bizarre and uncertain period of time for the entire population, it's easy to see why minimalism and Marie Kondo-inspired simplicity has won over the hearts of Britons. More cabinetry, particularly floor-to-ceiling, single wall units are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners as they look towards freeing up counter space. The pared-back look is uniquely Japandi- a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism- and creates a light, airy and streamlined feel. By hiding appliances- both small and bulky- behind sleek, uniform cabinetry, it's purported to clear both your worksurfaces and your mind from clutter.

Vertical Detailing

Kitchens, in general, can be quite linear- the horizontal plane of the work surface is immediately eye-catching and one of the first things you notice about the space. By adding vertical or fluted accents, you can instantly add texture, depth and intrigue- without having to renovate completely. Fluted elements, such as a vertically-tiled backsplash or island front, add an extra dimension without incorporating an obvious pattern or design that can become outdated quickly.

Strong Quartz Accents

Quartz has proved itself timeless in its use as a work surface; however, it's now making itself known all around the home for different purposes. The trend of white and grey has already had its day- quickly making room for bold, statement pieces that showcase your personality and unique style. Think moody and dramatic pieces in black and amber for an island work surface, elegantly wrapped free-standing units, and waterfall-style bespoke dining tables for a look that's luxe, dazzling and all your own.

Two-Tone Cabinetry

Effortlessly timeless and bold, using two contrasting colours for your kitchen cabinetry is a trend that's not going anywhere. This style works equally well with strong shades of black and white- the 'tuxedo' effect- and more muted, pastel hues like butter and sage. By using the darker colour for the base units and lighter for the wall-mounted, you can create the illusion of more height and light in a smaller space. The beauty of this style is the ability to change your mind on a whim by simply painting half of your kitchen at a time to adjust with the seasons, trends and ambience you wish to create.

Looking to make a change? Get in touch with our design team to discover more ways to refresh your kitchen without having to renovate the space entirely.


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