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Hottest Kitchen Trends of 2021

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Let's face it, kitchen trends come and go as quick as those on a Parisian fashion runway. Once you've finally decided on a colour scheme and countertop material, it's outdated before you've even installed it, your neighbour down the road one-upping you again with their impossibly chic look. With this in mind, we have compiled a shortlist of a few trends which have been emerging throughout 2020, which will carry you flawlessly into 2021 and beyond. From cabinetry designs to custom island asymmetry and everything in between, we at Thomas James bespoke will ensure your kitchen is as unique as you are while remaining functional and fresh.

Hottest Kitchen Trends of 2021 - Quartz Worktops

As mentioned in our earlier post, quartz worktops have seen a surge in popularity over the past few years and particularly during 2020, due to their flawless shine, unrivalled hygiene and sturdiness. In addition, the manufacturing process allows you to choose your own colour, ranging from purest white to deepest black, and anything in between. Colours can be off-set and enhanced through elements such as molten metals which add a subtly glamorous twist, and other colours such as grey, white or black, creating a delicate marble effect. The ability to create a work surface as unique as you are, while withstanding everyday spills, knocks and bangs, means quartz surfaces are here to stay for the foreseeable.

Hottest Kitchen Trends of 2021 - Bespoke Appliance Storage

In today's modern kitchen, gadgets and time-saving appliances are found in abundance- meaning that the worktops can become cluttered easily. Wall-to-wall cabinetry has evolved into a beautiful focal point, essential to every home which can spare the space. With our bespoke planning and design, you needn't have anything at all on show, unless you specifically want it to be. Think large cupboards for the hi-tech appliances such as free-standing mixers, and smaller spaces and nooks for itemised areas, drool-worthy of the most organised chef- all contained inside one impeccably hand-crafted unit, which in itself becomes part of the wall.

Hottest Kitchen Trends of 2021 - Quooker Taps

Faucet fashion is a trend we have been following closely of late. Gone are the days of a swan-neck, dual-temperature tap that you choose within 5 seconds at your local DIY store. Today's kitchens are undoubtedly a reflection of you and your style, meaning nothing should be overlooked. Our partnership with Quooker reflects the ability to seamlessly incorporate every element into the style you dream of, with beautiful finishes to choose from matching effortlessly with your other fittings- polished chrome, brass patina, brushed black, stainless steel, or timeless gold.

Hottest Kitchen Trends of 2021 - Kitchen Islands

As the kitchen becomes more and more the heart of the home, with a multitude of functions such as home office, homework area and Bake-Off recreaction hazardous zone, the design of your space has never been more important. Our team of designers and carpenters can help you achieve your home's potential, with our unique ideas and plans. For example, multi-level islands can add extra space for working while incorporating even more storage for those gadgets that keep on coming. Multi-use areas need to be resilient and unyielding, able to keep up with day to day activities- but that shouldn't be a compromise on beauty and style- something we at Thomas James Bespoke are a firm believer in.


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