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How to prepare your kitchen for Christmas

Updated: May 6, 2021

Whilst this year has undoubtedly been difficult for families, it's safe to assume we're all looking forward to gathering (safely) around the dining table to enjoy the festivities in the new normal way. With so many aspects of everyday life-changing, and changing again in the past few months, the usual familial traditions should be carefully preserved and enjoyed, to finally say goodbye to 2020, and welcome in a new year. Kitchens can become overcrowded and chaotic around Christmas, with more mouths to feed than normal, more complex and extravagant meals to prepare, and endless organising and decorating to see to. We've compiled a few handy tips to ensure your kitchen is ready to go, however, you're able to celebrate this year.


Prepare Your Kitchen for Christmas
Prepare Your Kitchen for Christmas

The freezer becomes the most used appliance in the house during the run-up to Christmas and the new year, so preparing the drawers to accommodate all the party food, centrepieces and ice is essential. Additionally, the cupboards, larder and pantry should also receive a de-cluttering, storing all herbs, spices and mixes you'll often need, close to hand. Christmas is a special time of year for many, and those tins of beans, packets of pasta and frozen chips simply don't take centre stage.

Stay organised

Kitchen Christmas Decorations and Table Layout
Kitchen Christmas Decorations and Table Layout

Like the foodstuffs, keep any and all heavy-use appliances and utensils close at hand, reducing the need to dig through the cupboards for the essentials. Create clear 'zones', which will enable family members to help out without the chaos. Zones can keep small children safe, with areas designated to preparation, cooking and serving, ensuring everyone has a role to play without getting in each other's way. Consider incorporating a drinks station away from the main cooking areas, which will encourage guests to help themselves without getting under anyone's feet.


Christmas Decorations & Accessories For Kitchens
Christmas Decorations & Accessories For Kitchens

The kitchen can often be overlooked when thinking about Christmas decorations, with the main event being the living room because of its cosy and familial feel. Introduce soft furnishings like throws and cushions to the space to invite the family to spend time in there, as the delicious and fragrant smells will undoubtedly entice them in before long. If your kitchen is light and pale, opt for warming, bold tones that compliment your finishes- burnished brass pairs beautifully with plum or navy. To tone down harsh lighting and create an intimate atmosphere, consider candle displays which make an elegant and decorative table or island centrepiece.

With the kitchen being the heart of the home for many, this time of year can put unnecessary strain on its abilities. As families and bubbles look forward to spending much needed time together, chaos and disorder just won't do. Organise in advance and put your organisational skills into effect, to ensure the smooth and stress-free Christmas we all deserve after this year.


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