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How to style your kitchen for Autumn

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

As the weather begins to turn, the nights draw in darker and earlier, Autumn creeps in, grasping first at the trees- turning them amber, gold and purple, then the cold sneaks in under your t-shirts and dresses. It's time to think about your autumn clothes, the cosier, softer, warmer items you secretly look forward to bringing out each year. Your home is no different. A few simple changes to décor and soft furnishings can breathe new seasonal life and warmth into your home.

Armac Martin Gaumont T-Bar Handles
Armac Martin Gaumont T-Bar Handles

Every single detail you considered and changed your mind on and inevitably went back to your first choice about in the kitchen planning stage adds up to a truly stunning room that reflects you as an individual. From the Armac Martin Gaumont handles to the Quooker Nordic Classic tap you obsessed over for months, it's all you. But the design and detail doesn't have to end when Thomas James Bespoke shuts the door.

Quooker Nordic Classic Tap
Quooker Nordic Classic Tap

Seasonal updates to details can keep your kitchen looking as fresh and impressive as ever. Consider the small touches, such as hand towels reflective of the autumnal colours- plum, amber and gold, in keeping with your fixtures and fittings. Are your handles nickel or pure black? Gold can accentuate these darker, colder colours. Warmer tones such as brass pair perfectly with purple or red.

Floral arrangements on the worktop, windowsill or island work as a nod towards the changing landscape outside- even better if they're dried, as the flora begins to wilt, you're preserving a small slice of summer whilst acknowledging the transitioning season. Dried grasses such as pampas act as a perfectly soft backdrop to more vivid centrepieces such as tulips, protea and dahlias.

Pumpkins, of course, are consistent with the season, but they don't have to be just for children. The small or differently coloured varieties like Sweet Dumpling and Italian Stripe make for fabulously autumnal displays, and can also be used in DIY projects. Remove the stalks, insert tea lights and you have a unique lighting alternative for dinner around your bespoke island. Alternatively, hollow out a larger pumpkin and use it as the perfect vase for your floral arrangement.

Dried leaves such as those from maple trees which turn a beautiful sunset hue, can be strung together with twine and draped elegantly on high shelves or cabinets to bring a warm glow to your kitchen. If you have a dark colour scheme, this can be highly efficient at adding cosiness in a delicate way.

There is no need to extract the pain rollers and DIY tools in order to keep your kitchen on-trend through the seasons; a simple refresh of accessories reflective of your cabinetry, fixtures and fittings can emphasise the changing seasons whilst not breaking the bank and keeping you just as much in love with your kitchen as ever before.


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