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Importance of Kitchen Lighting

The perfect lighting can set the mood for all aspects of your home, including the kitchen. It can create an inviting, welcoming space while providing the perfect level of ambience. In addition, the right light will ensure safety, cleanliness, and ease of visibility for anything you need to do in the kitchen.

Cooking and food preparation

Task lighting is placed in areas where you need to see what you are doing, but the colour of the lighting, strength, and direction is also essential. For example, most cookers and ovens are fitted with their lighting, but you may want to add some strip lighting for extra visibility during your food preparation.

Great lighting in your kitchen is also important for food safety; when cooking raw meat, you want to be sure that your meat is thoroughly cooked. If the light you are checking your meat under is tinted, this can affect your perception of the colour.

Transforms the interior ambience and temperature

At Thomas James Bespoke, we find ourselves fitting many kitchens for homeowners that love to host.

Implementing kitchen lighting ideas improves the space's appearance and warmth - the soft accent lights, small bulbs, and hanging lamps are stunning game changers for an always-welcoming look. Ambient lighting can offer supportive light when you're looking for a more relaxing feel. Wall lights and lamps are perfect alternatives to harsh task lighting, particularly for dining areas or whilst hosting guests.

Types of Kitchen Lightning

Here are some popular lighting options to boost the focus and value of the heart of your home and kitchen.

Kitchen under cabinet lights

As the name mentions, under cabinet lights are best to improve the cabinet functionality by eliminating the dark shadows. Most helpful in making items visible, placed under long wall cupboards. If planned while kitchen fitting, these lights do wonders.

Wall-mounted kitchen lighting

Such lights are traditional because they have existed for centuries and have been admired extensively by home decor experts and interior professionals and are generally used for places where you need extra focus and bright light.

Recessed Kitchen lights

Many people know kitchen lighting as recessed due to its general appearance and availability in every modern kitchen. However, they are fixed on the roof, provide good luxury and sleekness, and blend the beauty of the entire space.

Kitchen Island Lights

Island lights are often seen as pendants, hanging lamps, bulbs, and chandeliers and have been gaining much attention for the last decade. Available in several designs, shapes and sizes – island lights look extravagant and stylish. Also, they add extra luminance and character to the space.

Task kitchen lights

As the name mentioned, task lights improvise in making kitchen tasks easy. Best positioned near the areas where you work, they nicely light up spots with their pointy focal glaze and scale up all the cooking enjoyment!

Accent or Mood Lights

These types of warm and cold kitchen lighting are essential to set the mood depending on the weather. You can turn on the bulbs to accentuate elements placed and installed; they are fixed anywhere from cabinet strips to the bottom for glowing effects.

Natural Light

When we think about kitchen lighting, it's easy to get carried away over all the dazzling and dramatic effects we can create with artificial light, but what's even more important is ensuring your kitchen has enough natural brightness.

Your kitchen designer can help you to plan your space around windows or skylights to help make the most of the daylight. If the natural light entering your room is limited, consider choosing a bright and clean colour scheme. Natural light can be the key to bringing inviting and engaging positivity to your space.

Every kitchen lighting has its purpose, and choosing the one that fits your most crucial needs is magnificent. Generally, task and recessed lights are commonly seen, whereas kitchens with islands need pendants and hanging lights to streamline kitchen function.

From creating the perfect ambience to ensuring you have enough brightness to cook safely, there are various ways to use lighting in your kitchen, and it's not just about practicality. Carefully considered kitchen lighting will allow you to make the most of your kitchen day and night and beautifully emphasise your stunning new design.

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