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Introducing Accoya

If you know anything at all about Thomas James Bespoke, you know we take enormous pride in our craft. We produce the highest quality products for our customers, thanks to our hand-picked team of experienced and passionate individuals, traditional woodworking techniques, and carefully sourced materials.

With quality on our minds, we only partner with companies who share in our ethos of high standards and traditional values. As a result, our finishes and accessories come from brands with long-held, outstanding reputations such as hand-fired ceramic sinks from Shaws of Darwen and timeless handles from Armac Martin.

The main attraction of our kitchens, furniture ranges and retail spaces is, of course, the cabinetry itself. We believe that nothing comes close to the quality and durability of solid wood, which is why we source all our timber from Accoya Wood, mere minutes from our workshop in the heart of Lancashire.

Accoya Wood comes from FSC certified sustainable forests, ensuring we're never taking more than nature can provide. The trees are fast-growing, well-managed and felled with as little impact to the surrounding native flora and fauna as possible. With a plethora of certifications under its belt, Accoya Wood is unrivalled in its mission to protect the earth.

Additionally, the quality of the timber is second to none. Although being as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible is one of our top priorities, we're also committed to providing high-quality, beautiful furniture. Accoya wood grows fast and strong, matching or exceeding the quality and strength of tropical hardwoods- which come with a skyscraping price tag. The wood is treated with acetylate- a type of chemical which leaves no trace and is entirely harmless once completed- which vastly improves the properties of the raw material. With increased thermal insulation, better durability and longer coating life, Accoya Wood is not only eco-friendly but sustainable, hard-working and outlives almost all other building materials.

Because of the treatment process, Accoya Wood is suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects. At Thomas James Outdoors, we have full confidence in the longevity of our outdoor kitchen range, as the cabinetry is built entirely from Accoya timber. As such, our outdoor kitchens come with a staggering twenty-five-year guarantee for your peace of mind. The wood has been tested against all of the classic British elements, including downpours, heatwaves and hard freezes, emerging as pristine and solid as ever.

With saving the earth becoming more of a priority than ever before, using Accoya Wood wasn't only a smart decision but an easy one, too. Our cabinetry is both beautiful and durable- as we don't believe in compromising one for the other. If you're considering your next project, why not get in touch with us today, and discover more about the greener, more sustainable choice.


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