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Kitchen Colours & Corners

When creating a new space, our Thomas James Bespoke design team considers the painting and finishing stage as important as any other. With the kitchen's versatility ever-evolving and expanding, you need a finish, texture and colour that will last as long as the cabinetry while remaining fresh, contemporary and beautiful.

Hand-painted kitchens offer all of this in abundance, with the additional advantage of being able to choose a colour and finish bespoke to you.

Contrasting Colours

In recent projects, we have seen our homeowners opt for contrasting colours. That includes the newest addition to our Heritage Collection, where in Heaton Moor's kitchen, the island cabinetry doors have been finished in Thomas James Bespoke Onyx and the exterior cabinetry in Thomas James Bespoke Seafoam - this subtle contrast elevates the kitchen's natural light, enhancing other colours and textures throughout the space.

Hand-painted & Custom-Made

From our Classic Collection, Water Lane houses classic square frames and doors that flow throughout, with a clear oak internal finish, completed by our Thomas James Bespoke Sea Foam paint.

Similarly, the large, stained oak media unit of Hale Barns has bespoke glass holders, internal lighting, and aged mirrored backs to illuminate the space-all; the cabinetry is finished with Thomas James Bespoke Sea Foam.

Opting for hand-painted cabinetry adds colourful character, and with our in-house colour mixing service, you can avoid the over-used, copy-cat colours, ensuring the finish is custom-made.

Two-tone Cabinetry

Using two contrasting colours for your kitchen cabinetry is effortlessly timeless and bold. This style works equally well with solid shades of black and white and muted pastel hues like butter and sage. By using the darker colour for the base units and lighter for the wall-mounted, you can create the illusion of more height and light in a smaller space.

Are you looking to make a change? Contact our design team to discover more ways to refresh your kitchen without renovating the space entirely:


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