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Kitchen Cornicing - Should your kitchen design include a cornice?

When designing your kitchen, it's essential to think of all the small, subtle details as well as the significant design features. By adding what could be viewed as small insignificant details, can elevate your space, and transform it into something you've even more spectacular than you first imagined.

One feature that can be easily be implemented into your new kitchen design is a traditional style cornice. This one addition can transform your wall cabinets, and give your overall style a traditional and bespoke feel.

We have several cornice styles that can be adding to your bespoke kitchen design, with each being handcrafted and made from the finest solid wood.

Examples of Cornicing

Cherry Tree Lane

The clients of this kitchen requested a traditional shaker kitchen, in a classic and timeless style. Our team designed this solid oak kitchen in a shaker style with detailed cornicing along the top of the wall cabinets and larder.

Beaumont Crescent

The homeowners of this kitchen requested a shaker style kitchen with traditional features such as cockbeading and detailed cornicing. The cornice used with these floor to ceiling cabinets mirrors the subtle detailing of the cockbeaded cabinets.


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