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Kitchen Inspiration From Around The World

The kitchen is arguably the most diverse and internationally inspired room in the home. The global influences don't stop at the extensive spice racks or Japanese-made appliances but also extend to the interior design and carefully selected colour scheme.

If you're undertaking a kitchen project, you can easily be overwhelmed with the choices on offer, from the colour and style of cabinetry to the work surface materials and every tiny fixture and finish. However, designing a scheme inspired by another country can help tie everything together to achieve a seamless and cohesive look.

Scandinavian design has long been a staple amongst high-street brands. IKEA's own range of kitchens is unapologetically stark, almost simple, sticking with the Scandinavian minimalism theme. Think Scandi, think pale tones, cabinet fronts without fuss, texture in the form of rough wood, light stone and faux fur.

On the opposite end of the design spectrum, German-inspired kitchens ooze drama and elegance. Dark colours like forest green and deepest black for cabinetry and walls are offset with pristine stainless-steel appliances of the highest quality. These kitchens are chic and modern, with every detail carefully considered to support the design. German kitchens make an immediate impact.

The French are renowned for their culinary prowess, and a French-influenced kitchen is no different. They're often well-organised, with everything in its place. A French kitchen feels well-used and loved, replicating the love that the French have for their cuisine. Retro colours like duck egg and soft yellow are a perfect choice, with warming tones of distressed brass and copper adding gentle contrast.

Asian countries like Japan and Korea are renowned for their organisation and minimalism. Japanese-influence kitchens are highly orderly, with all clutter neatly hidden behind cabinets, leaving the work surfaces clean and sleek. Sharp edges and clean lines add to the minimalistic look, and colour schemes tend to have a common theme- such as shades of white or grey- for a cohesive and stylish look.

Finally, this list wouldn't be complete without a British-inspired kitchen. If you imagine a British kitchen, you imagine a country home filled with sunshine and heritage colours. We like organisation, but we also have a lot of stuff that tends to spill out of designated storage space. We keep our favourite or most used items on display inside glass-fronted cabinets, and we ensure there's a place for friends, family, children, dogs and cats around the island. British influenced kitchens feel warm and welcoming, encouraging socialising and multiple functions.

If any of the above schemes have piqued your interest for your new kitchen, Thomas James Bespoke's in-house design team can bring your ideas to life. We understand you and your family's needs, in addition to your wants and desires, so that your dream kitchen is guaranteed to come to life exactly as you imagine. Get in touch today to find out more.


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