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Kitchen Layouts That Work For You

Updated: May 6, 2021

Often when planning your kitchen renovation, it may be the simplest option to just stay with the layout you've got. It'll cause less of a headache for the kitchen company, and it's worked fine thus far- right?

Wrong. At Thomas James Bespoke, we put our passionate and experienced design team to work creating the perfect space for you and your family, meaning every part of the design is considered in detail. Your lifestyle, the needs you have for the space, practical aspects you've never even thought of. We help you to reimagine your home, with fresh ideas and different perceptions of what you can really achieve from your space.

When you sit down with our team, you'll discuss everything in detail, but in the meantime, below are our favourite kitchen layout ideas to get your imagination going.

The U Shape Kitchen Layout

The classic U-shaped design can be seen in many homes, throughout centuries of kitchen layout design. A great option for a busy home, as often three walls are utilised for cabinetry, to hide away the plethora of appliances, crockery and foodstuffs that go hand in hand with a hectic, modern lifestyle. A U-shape kitchen layout is perfect for showcasing a specific colour scheme or cabinetry style, with bold and lighter shades specifically placed to create an impact. The use of three sides is perfect for fluidly moving from area to area as you go about your day-to-day routine.

In smaller spaces, too many cabinets can overpower the minimal floor space, however by reducing the number of wall-mounted units and incorporating clean lines, you can achieve a light and airy, functional kitchen.

The Open Plan Kitchen Layout

A dreamy, open-plan kitchen layout is probably number one on people's househunting wish list. Often seen in some of the most stunning designer rooms on shows such as Grand Designs or Location Location Location, open-plan living is on the rise. Whether you're lucky enough to already have this feature or are looking to demolish walls and open up your entire downstairs, Thomas James Bespoke can help you every step of the way. Incorporating a dining or lounge area can be daunting, however, the end result of a large living/ dining/ cooking space of dreams can not only help in the dynamics of your family life but add much value to your home.

The Low Key Kitchen Layout

An up and coming trend we have seen a lot of lately is the minimalist design, taking advantage of a singular wall on which to build one large unit of cabinets. Often highly effective when a space has multiple entrances or a less symmetrical shape, this design enables clients to hide away almost every appliance, including the white goods. Achieving a simplistic look like this can be beautifully balanced with an island opposite, providing much-needed work surface space that would otherwise be lacking. The cabinetry blends seamlessly into the background, however, if simplicity isn't your thing, consider a bold colour palette to really make a statement.

There are many other kitchen layout ideas to consider, even a blend of two or more, and we at Thomas James Bespoke ensure we put all the thought and care into this aspect of your remodel as we deliver stunning and practical designer rooms every time.


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