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Kitchen Storage Ideas for Busy Homes

No matter the size of your kitchen, storage and space can often feel lacking. As families grow, appliances and accessories accumulate until you've got pots, pans and plates bursting out of your cupboards, spilling onto the worksurfaces, igniting grief for the long-lost minimalism scheme you once imagined.

If you're a couple, a growing family, a singleton with a penchant for extravagant parties- storage is a luxury you can't do without. At Thomas James Bespoke, we design kitchens around you. This is why we take the time to get to know you, your family, your lifestyle and create a space that's not only elegant and stylish but practical and efficient, too.

Storage is often high on homeowners' wish lists, along with an open-plan layout. However, the two don't always go hand in hand, as being open-plan greatly reduces the amount of wall space available for cabinetry. That's why we create as many bespoke, innovative and flexible storage solutions as possible, thanks to our talented in-house design team and experienced carpenters. Below we've highlighted some of our favourite pieces amongst our recent projects.

Eden Gardens

This kitchen is crammed full of intelligent storage solutions, including a mix of shallow and deep drawers- perfect for stacking saucepans and other bulky cooking apparatus. The smart, built-in extraction for the hob- whilst highly sleek and modern- left little room underneath for anything but a false drawer. However, our team designed a u-shaped drawer to make use of an otherwise wasted space.

Baytree Road

The owners of this beautiful Victorian home have a love of cooking, and included on their wish-list was a space for storing their spices, condiments and ingredients. Nestled beside the integrated fridge-freezer, we crafted a bespoke half pantry with door-mounted spice racks, shelving and space to hide away the microwave. The end result is a clean, uncluttered kitchen, devoid of modern technology, enhancing the rustic, country feel. Custom nooks provide sliding storage for chopping and serving boards, handcrafted using the same oak as the cabinetry, for an invisible effect.

Oak Avenue

This large, extended kitchen includes a mix of wall-mounted and base cabinetry, a custom island, and freestanding units for flexible storage. The shelved nook beside the hob is a small but invaluable installation that homeowners use to house day-to-day, high-frequency items such as salt, pepper and cooking oils. The solid timber, bi-fold doors conceal a breakfast area, providing storage for appliances such as toaster, microwave and kettle, which need to be easily accessed yet quickly hidden after use. Additionally, the freestanding, glass-fronted cabinet stores and displays the homeowners' favourite crockery and glassware. The bespoke shelving can be easily adjusted to accommodate different items and create fresh new displays as and when the mood strikes.

Our design team has the imagination and know-how to create just about any storage solution for your home. From cabinetry tailored around your love of baking, entertaining or wine-tasting, to smart and simple ideas that make day-to-day life easier and more efficient. Take a look through our other projects to see more of our innovative storage ideas and installations, and get in touch today to kick-start your new project.


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