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Kitchen Trends of 2020

From free-standing larders to gold fixtures, we explore the top five kitchen trends of 2020. Larders Larders have quickly become one of the must-have kitchen pieces of the year, perfect for storing everything from bread, pasta and tinned food to large kitchen appliances; larders are a versatile option for storing a multitude of things.

The internal design can vary with most larders giving a mix of shelves, drawers and cupboards. Shelves are perfect for storing sauce bottles, jam jars and cereal boxes, with wide and deep drawers perfect for fresh loaves of bread and packets of fresh pasta. Depending on the size, cupboards can store large appliances such as bread makers or mixers. Wine holders can also be integrated, as well as spice rack storage on the cupboard doors. Shop our free-standing larder here.

Open Shelves

Open Kitchen Shelving

Open shelves are a great way to include modern and contemporary design into your new kitchen; they showcase the kitchen accessories you’ve collected over time. Plates, mugs and cups can be put on display and mixed with art, vases and plants creating beautiful presentations of your possessions. You can get creative how you display your items, giving your room character that can easily be changed.

Gold Fixtures Implementing a splash of gold is an easy way to give your space added elegance and style. The warmth of gold adds a modern and contemporary feel to any kitchen.

Quooker Fusion in Gold

The Quooker Fusion tap is finished with a 24-carat gold finish, adding a bright pop of colour and beautiful streamlined design to your space. Another bonus to this tap is the boiling, hot and cold water available at the push of the button. Beautiful and practical! Read more on Quooker taps here.

Two-tone colours 2020 is the year for breaking free from tradition and choosing two colours for your kitchen cabinetry. Two-tone kitchens are precisely that; kitchens painted in two or more colours. Whether you decide to have your wall cabinets white, and your floor cabinets navy, or your island a contrasting colour. This bold style is quickly becoming one of our clients favourites!

Thomas James Bespoke - Rose Hill

Last year we created our first two-tone kitchen, discover the Rose Hill kitchen here.

Hand made Craftsmanship When you dream of a new kitchen, you let your mind wander and imagine all the things that would make your life easier, as well as jaw droopingly beautiful. When you choose a bespoke kitchen, every aspect is designed and built with your needs in mind. We strive to turn your dream into a reality, taking into consideration every detail you’ve imagined.

When you choose a bespoke kitchen and utility room, you know every piece has been built by hand from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. A highly experienced team has made each piece, using years of dedication, care and passion, giving your kitchen a unique and personal touch.


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