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Marvel at Marble Worktops

Updated: May 6, 2021

White marble worktops

Marble has time and time again proven its worth as a luxurious kitchen statement material. From the most dazzling white to a deep, dramatic black, with many shades in-between, it's easy to choose a unique shade for you and your home. However, you hear 'marble', and immediately, financial alarm bells begin to ring. Why do marble worktops come with such an eye-watering price tag? Thomas James Bespoke is here to bust those marble myths wide open and show you just how affordable and marvellous it can be.

Marble is a form of limestone- it's more glamorous and sleek cousin if you will. When heat or pressure is applied, calcite recrystallises to produce a more dense and robust material. Veins and colour types can be traced back to their origins in different parts of the world. For example, the famous white or blue-grey Carrara marble hails from Carrara in Italy and is known for its distinctive hue.

Black marble worktops

It's firmly cemented into kitchen ideals - marble worktops scream of elegance and luxury. But how practical is it for a busy lifestyle? Because of its creation process, marble is, ideally, heat-resistant, meaning it stays cool to the touch (perfect for pastry lovers). However, because it is significantly more porous than an alternative made from quartz, for example, it can stain easily. A strong sealant, and quick cleaning of spills, can prevent this, but unfortunately, it won't stay perfect forever.

Despite its shorter lifespan of perfection, everyday bumps and scratches can only add to a unique patina over time. The natural feathering and veins create their own individual patterns and designs, which often hide any imperfections.

There are two main finishes for marble worktops. Honed, which involves finely sanding the surface giving it a beautiful matt look, and polished, which leaves a glossy surface, repelling water more easily and showcasing the vibrancy of the stone.

White marble worktops

One of our favourite marble types at Thomas James includes book matching. You will immediately associate this style with luxury, high-end hotels, stunning bathrooms and elegant million-pound homes. Book matching is achieved by slicing into a block of veined marble- similar to how you'd slice into bread. It's contemporary and oh-so-cool. Another favourite of ours is Calacatta, which is increasingly available in many variations- from pure white with grey veins, to added golden tints set in dark grey opulence.

Whereas marble can indeed be quite expensive, adding touches of it to your kitchen is a more affordable way of adding sumptuousness. Consider it as an island surface only- as it can be quite cool in tone, contrasting with rich wood and deep colours elsewhere can soften it up considerably. Backsplashes are also an option, with a single run of marble instead of tiles behind the cooker, you're sure to make an impact at a fraction of the price. Thomas James Bespoke prides ourselves on our knowledge and experience of working with marble as a kitchen work surface - let our design team bring that coveted dash of luxury to your home.


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