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Our Design Process

The main difference between choosing a Thomas James Bespoke kitchen and a high-street chain kitchen is the time. The time it takes to design your perfect space, the time getting to know you, your family and your lifestyle, and the time and care we take to hand-craft a kitchen of unrivalled longevity and style.

We know how daunting it can be to redesign a room from start to finish, which is why we break down our process into four stages, keeping you close by at every step, ensuring everything we do is in line with your aspirations.

Step One

First things first, customers come to us with an idea in mind. It may be a traditional and elegant shaker-style kitchen with heritage green cabinetry, marble work surfaces and brass accessories. Or, it may be a new, emerging trend such as minimalism, with crisp, clean lines, natural materials and fuss-free finishes. Most people have a general idea of how they want their kitchen to be, and our design team then step in to explore these concepts and ensure they complement your day-to-day living.

We've created an initial questionnaire to help narrow down your wants and needs, which we then discuss with you in detail. If you're big on entertaining, our designers can create beautiful double-height, glass-fronted cabinetry to display your gorgeous glassware or hidden ice wells and cocktail stations for the ultimate home-bartender. For growing families, we can suggest the best ways to take advantage of open-plan living- be that a large island with seating for the entire family or zoning ideas to separate daily activities such as cooking and homework.

Setting us apart from high-street brands is the fact that we really get to know you. Once we have an idea of who you are as an individual, couple or family, we then create innovative storage solutions and smart features which enhance your day-to-day living.

We are proud to work with several brands that create beautiful and stylish fixtures and fittings that would suit any home. Whether you're at our workshop or looking through our digital brochure, you can see the passion and dedication that goes into each element, and our partners are no different. Every piece that finds its home in your kitchen is hand-selected and installed with the same level of careful attention as if it were for our own.

Step Two

Once we have the details of the kitchen, our experienced in-house design team get to work making your ideas a reality. With decades of experience designing kitchens, home offices, retail spaces and more, there's nothing our team can't do, no matter how unusual or quirky the request. When we have an initial design, we present it back to you and take on board any comments and amendments or suggestions you may have. The design stage is perhaps the most time-consuming part of our process: our attention to detail is unparalleled because we want the space to be everything you've dreamed of. Once the changes have been made, and the client is happy with the final design, the fun begins back in the workshop.

Step Three

We are proud to say every piece of cabinetry is hand-built by our experienced and dedicated team in our Lancashire workshop. We sustainably source all of our materials, ensuring each piece is of the highest quality. To find out more about our sustainability policy, click here. Your personal account manager will keep you updated on progress throughout this stage, including an installation timescale. Due to the high quality of our craft, our traditional techniques and attention to detail, this part of the process can take around eight weeks.

Step Four

Installation is easily the most satisfying part of our process. Weeks of hard work come to fruition, and what started as an idea is now a solid manifestation; transforming and enhancing your day-to-day living. As the final touches go in- the hand-painted cabinetry doors softly closing on silent hinges, the Kashmera quartz worksurfaces gleaming in the afternoon sun, your beautiful new accessories carefully arranged- we feel as much pride in your new kitchen as you do (maybe even more!).

To get in touch with our team to discuss your home renovation, email:


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