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Pantries and larders, what's the difference?

Pantries and larders are terms we often hear when talking about kitchens, but what's the difference?

What is a Pantry?

Traditionally a pantry only stored bread, with the term pantry coming from the French term 'pain' meaning bread. Pantries would also include a stone shelf used to keep food cold. Over the decades, the term has changed, and now pantries are mostly used for storing dishes and table linen.

What is a larder?

Nowadays, homes do not have the space for a traditional pantry, but we still need a place to store food and kitchen essentials. A larder is a stylish and practical way to keep kitchen supplies and appliances organised and within reach.

Larders have quickly become one of the must-have kitchen pieces of the year, perfect for storing everything from bread, pasta and tinned food to large kitchen appliances; larders are a versatile option for storing a multitude of things.

What items should you store in a larder?

Items that have a long shelf life are perfect for storing in a larder.


  • Rice, bread, beans, lentils.

  • Vegetables such as onions, potatoes and carrots.

  • Olive and vegetable oils.

  • Baking supplies such as flour, baking soda, yeast.

  • Canned items such as beans, tomatoes and soup.

  • Jars such as peanut butter, marmite and passata.

  • Other items such as cereals, crisps, crackers and chocolate can also be stored in a larder.

Larders are not only perfect for storing food items, but also appliances. The larder photographed above is part of a bespoke unit installed in the Cherry Tree Lane kitchen our team built by hand. The clients of this home wanted their microwave hidden and out of sight, but weren't sure on the best practical solution. Our solution included installing the microwave within the larder, keeping all wiring out of sight. This larder also offers multiple deep drawers, perfect for storing pasta, bread and biscuits, as well as two spice racks attached on the inside of both doors. The clients also requested for a mini bar area, suitable for storing bottles of wine and spirits.

Thomas James Bespoke Free Standing Larder Unit

The unit is hand-built by our team at the workshop and features generously proportions shelves behind the double doors. Two deep oak dovetailed drawers sit below the shelves, giving ample storage space for appliances and dry foods.

This pantry features sleek oak doweled spice racks mounted onto the inside of each door, giving ample storage for spices, jars and bottles.

This larder is made to order and can be made to fit your space and your storage needs. Get in touch with our team to discuss your bespoke larder.

Shop our Free Standing Larder Unit here.


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