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Pet Friendly Design Choices

Are you a proud pet owner looking for ways to design a pet-friendly home? If so, you have come to the right place. In our most recent bespoke kitchen and utility project, much-loved family pets have been a consideration in our design process. As part of the utility room especially, we were asked to create specific spaces for their furry friends.

Here are a few ideas on creating a pet-friendly home so that all four-legged and two-legged can live in perfect union together.

Bespoke space for pet beds

To utilise the space, our clients wanted to build a bespoke area with pet beds but also multi-functional to store cat, dog and horse accessories! Our design team created bespoke cabinetry to fit around the beds for each homeowner's pets. The dog bed is designed amongst the utility room in addition to the purposely built drawers to store food, treats, grooming accessories and waste bags. We have created many bespoke dog beds and pet-friendly kitchens that have met the needs of our clients and their animals.

Carefully curated spaces

The key to creating a pet-friendly home lies in designing spaces carefully and using materials and finishes that consider the needs and nuances of the animals you are sharing your home with and are stylish and reflective of other household members.

Utility rooms should provide storage that has been tailored to your exact needs. Include tall cupboards and a range of shelves, hooks and pegs. Think about what space you will need for pet food and all their accessories, and consider making room for pet beds they can use while they dry off after a long wet walk. A heated towel rail is an excellent spot for hanging wet items.

Never underestimate a well-equipped utility room's life-saving role in pet-proofing your home. A sizeable additional sink in your house will prove invaluable when washing off dirty dog-walking footwear, muddy leads and collars, pet bowls and, in particular, hanging space for horse bridles and reins.

All in the detail

It is essential to keep the kitchen as safe as possible for our pets, keeping food stored away from reach, choosing a durable worktop that is scratch-resistant, and opting for cabinets that are easy to wipe and clean as we go!

If you're considering a new bespoke kitchen, our Thomas James Bespoke design team can assist with all aspects of the design and consider all your loved ones, including your pets. Contact us today via the link:


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