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Positive Kitchen Vibes

Updated: May 6, 2021

One positive to come out of this year is that people are putting themselves first more and more, and rushing out the door in the morning, collapsing at night, ordering a takeaway or heating a microwave meal is becoming less of an everyday routine. With so many people now working from home or furloughed, the kitchen has become a haven of sorts, with people taking their time over a morning cup of coffee, considering healthier and more exciting meal choices and spending more time together as a family.

Your dream kitchen

It's evident that personal wellness is a growing trend- one that's sticking around for the foreseeable. With people becoming more conscious of aspects of their life such as mental health, healthier food options and environmental impact, we're seeing this reflected through interior design.

A clear choice for promoting wellness in your dream kitchen is the colour choice. Colour theory is an art and a science all its own, with different tones and hues evoking varying emotions and feelings depending on the space and individual. For example, soft, pale tones create a calming and peaceful environment, but can often feel cold or clinical. Darker, richer colours invite a cosy and lush atmosphere but run the risk of overpowering a room if used too liberally. Our design team at Thomas James leave nothing out, including colour. We can take your favourite shades and offer alternatives or additions, depending on the level of light given, and what feelings you want to encompass. For example, blue can evoke calmness and peace, whereas yellow is known to ignite creativity and joy.

Bespoke kitchen design

Adding in different textures such as a rich walnut chopping block or complementary backsplash is an easy way to avoid colour blocking and enrich your dream kitchen with multisensory design elements. Studies show that their environment can influence people's emotions- not just visually but texturally too. Different textures used right can complement each other and lift a room from flat and dull to sensorily interesting and cohesive.

If you're looking to introduce wellbeing into the hub of your home, reorganisation and decluttering are the way to go. Consider bespoke drawers with varying sizes for different utensils depending on their use, organised pantries and larders with clear labelling, and deeper cabinets for large, bulky appliances. Keep items that aren't used every day in higher cupboards out of the way, and everyday staples in easy-to-reach places.

Wooden cutlery organiser

Finally, encourage the family to join you in your dream kitchen. Introduce zoning such as chopping/prep, cleaning and serving areas to minimise tripping over each other and ensure everyone has the space to work. Islands are perfect for additional work-space and invite family members to observe from a safe distance (if you really can't relinquish the head chef role!). Having the whole family involved in making dinner allows you to educate about healthier choices, encourages familial communication and renews a feeling of emotional wellbeing and contentment.


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