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Quartz Work Surfaces - All you need to know

As you step into your finished kitchen, gazing around at the space you have but dreamt of until now, you run your hand over the cool, gleaming work surface and know you made the right choice.

At Thomas James Bespoke, we can source almost any material for your worktop, each piece hand cut to seamlessly fit and enhance your space. We love the diversity of materials that our clients have asked us to incorporate into their dream kitchens, including concrete and granite, however, the elegance and timelessness of quartz will always hold a soft spot in our hearts.

This beautiful and hard-working material is brought to life by blending naturally-sourced quartz with glass, metal or colouring. Resin is added, which increases durability and adds unrivalled shine. A relatively modern material, quartz has been steadily gaining popularity as a kitchen surface of late, which proves its unparalleled quality.

Because of the production process, the range of colours available for your work surface is much wider than that of marble, for example. The spectrum ranges from pure, brilliant white, to deepest, most sultry black, and everything in between. Within each colour, flecks of white, grey or metal can be incorporated to create a unique and elegant look, enabling you to flawlessly continue your chosen colour scheme across all aspects of your kitchen.

In addition to being beautifully diverse in colour, quartz is wonderfully hardy due to the manufacturing process. Completely non-porous, it holds up against the toughest spills which are inevitable in a busy home, ensuring the highest level of hygiene. It is also much less susceptible to cracks and chips than its competitors, guaranteeing a long-lasting finish.

This may all sound ideal, but of course, you must think of the practical aspects such as price.

The good news is that quartz comes in at a competitive price against other stones such as marble and granite, although it far outlasts these materials on endurance and shine.

The colour is bespoke to you and the finish will always be of a high quality- rich and even with a perfect shine, which whispers of luxury without being ostentatious. Couple that with its durability and hygienic nature and we think you've just found your perfect work surface.


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