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Shaker Styling

Updated: May 6, 2021

Beautiful modern kitchen design

The Shaker has long been cemented as a staple kitchen style; its practical and simplistic design is easily recognisable and steers clear of ostentatiousness. Shaker kitchens are timeless; they don't fade from fashion and look stunning in contemporary and classic homes alike.

The origins of the Shaker can be traced back to the mid-18th century when a religious sect called the Shakers developed this style for the first time. They lived by guidelines which favoured simplicity, utility and honesty; something which was heavily reflected in their craft. Designs such as inlays, carvings and fanciful designs were seen as prideful and thus avoided. However, every piece of work was seen as a testament to God, which further drove their passion for creating solid work from only the best materials. Their five-panel design for the cabinet doors reduced timber waste and became the signature Shaker style.

Modern kitchen design door

Today, these rules are still followed by kitchen craftsmen all over the world. At Thomas James Bespoke, we pour as much pride and passion into creating this style of cabinetry as the Shakers would have. The simplistic style, which could lack confidence in modern kitchen and furniture design, is boosted by the use of solid oak veneer, which adds a touch of understated luxury and durability.

The Shaker incorporates fresh, clean lines, evoking a sense of visual cohesion and stark beauty. Whereas before, the cabinetry was often left unpainted and merely stained or varnished to showcase the prominent grain, the trends of modern kitchen and furniture design have leant more towards rich, opulent tones of forest green and royal blue. The simplicity of the design lends space to incorporate these luxurious tones without being overpowered by statement ideas. Two-tone styles have become increasingly popular in modern homes, with islands painted another shade being the first option to add contrast and interest.

Fitted bedroom furniture

If opting for a richer shade for the cabinetry, we recommend a lighter colour for the work surface- white quartz works beautifully alongside Shaker styles, with the option to incorporate hints of colour within the stone such as silver or black, to add a touch of elegance. Lighter shades also encourage natural light to flow through the space, offering a fresh and spacious atmosphere.

If the beauty and practicality of the Shaker style is calling to you, but you're not ready for quite so much simplicity, fittings such as cabinetry handles are the perfect solution. Shun the simple values of the Shaker sect by opting for statement pieces. We love the burnished brass and chocolate bronze tones by Armac Martin, which seamlessly blend traditional styles and modern living.


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