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Spotlight on Sinks

Updated: May 6, 2021

It's a staple in every home- a necessity. You most likely have two or more, use them multiple times a day for various functions, but when you're redesigning your home, how much time do you put into deciding on a style?

A sink can be as important as any other fitting in a house, it can add drama, showcase your personality, or blend into the background to allow other features of a room to shine. A kitchen sink may not be high on your list of priorities when remodelling the kitchen, with so many other important aspects to consider. However, when you come to Thomas James Bespoke, you'll understand just how beautifully kitchen sinks can accentuate a room.

We are proudly partnered with Shaws of Darwen, a local manufacturer which has been crafting exquisite wash-basins using the same time-honoured techniques for over a century. Their master craftsmen believe in quality, individuality and authenticity - passing on their knowledge to apprentices time and time again. Nothing is mass-produced, instead, each wash-basin is hand-poured from local clay, then perfected with sponging and fettling to create an impossibly smooth surface. Once dry, the wash-basins are twice glazed to maximise the durability, shine and texture. Shaws' wash-basins are unique each time and you can guarantee an impeccable finish and quality.

Shaws of Darwen Double Wash-Basin
Shaws of Darwen Double Wash-Basin

Original Collection

Shaws of Darwen's original collection oozes timeless style and elegance. One of our favourites in this range is the Ribchester - a double bowl wash-basin with a dividing wall perfect for the multitude of tasks expected of a kitchen sink, with a pleasingly iconic deep ribbed front design. Another, the Longridge, has a built-in fluted drainer, extending your kitchen sink effortlessly into the work surfaces.

Shaws of Darwen | Contemporary Collection
Shaws of Darwen | Contemporary Collection


Shaws of Darwen's Contemporary Collection steps slightly back from the classic designs of the Originals - nodding towards modern styles while maintaining perpetual elegance. The Waterside is a prime example of this; with a bow front lending itself to a larger wash-basin bowl, it's a tasteful alternative to their Belfast. The Shaker, in single or double, with crisp lines and more defined corners, is versatile enough for any busy kitchen, perfectly complimenting both modern and traditional homes.

Shaws of Darwen Inset & Under Mount Wash-Basin
Shaws of Darwen Inset & Under Mount Wash-Basin

Inset and Undermount

Perfect for utility rooms and other smaller areas, this collection was designed for function. In varying sizes and styles, you'll find that you need that second sink much more than you once thought.

These sinks are impeccably crafted - it's visible in every light, with every touch, and as each one is proudly stamped with the name of the creator on the bottom, you can feel every ounce of passion that has gone into their making.


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