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Supplier Spotlight: Shaws of Darwen

Shaws of Darwen

We are proud to partner with local company Shaws of Darwen, installing their sinks in multiple homes for our clients. Located in the North West, (and a 5-minute drive from our workshop) the company still work in the same premises since the late 19th Century. Shaws of Darwen started with one vision, in mind - to create the most exquisite handcrafted sinks in England. Over 120 years later, the brands vision has not changed. This determination has given them not only a highly regarded national but a worldwide reputation for their design and high level of craftsmanship. Like us, Shaws of Darwen don’t believe in mass production, we both share the same core values. That every piece should be individual and crafted by hand, using generations of knowledge, skill and time-honoured techniques.

How are Shaws of Darwen sinks made?

Using production methods passed through generations, Shows of Darwen still handcraft every sink using a traditional ‘slip casting’ method. A mixture of locally sourced clay is mixed with water and then poured into moulds. Once the sink is formed and has started to dry, the craftsmen then carefully remove the mould revealing a perfectly formed sink. Each sink then goes through a long process of ‘fettling’ and sponging, creating a smooth surface.

Shaws of Darwen

When the sink is still soft, the master craftsman then imprints his name onto the base of the sink; then leaves the sink to dry for over 40 hours. Once the sink is completely dry, it is then ready for the first coat of glaze. When the first glazing is complete, a second coat will be applied before finally firing at 1200 degrees Celsius in a kiln.

Shaws of Darwen

The Original Collection

Inspired by timeless and classic design, the Original Collection features sinks worthy of any traditional kitchen.

Shaws of Darwen - Bowland Sink


This beautiful handcrafted sink features a distinctive fluted front, 3 hole overflow and a central 3 1/2" waste outlet.

Available in two sizes:

Bowland 600 - 595 x 465 x 220mm

Bowland 800 - 797 x 535 x 220mm

Shaws of Darwen - Egerton Sink


This double bowl sink is offset with a dividing wall and features a unique pattern on the front. This simple design feature gives the sink a beautiful traditional feel. Featuring a 3 1/2" waster outlet.

Size available: 997 x 470 x 255mm

Shaws of Darwen - Longridge Sink


This exceptional sink features an integral drainer, perfect for air drying kitchen utensils. This sink features no front detailing, leaving a crisp white finish that will match any work surface.

Size available: 897 x 460 x 240mm

The Contemporary Collection

Shaws of Darwen combine modern design with traditional craftsmanship, creating exceptional sinks perfect for any contemporary setting. Each sink is handcrafted by a highly experienced artisan, using their years of dedication, passion and training giving you a unique piece for your kitchen.

Shaws of Darwen - Belfast Sink


This beautiful sink features a traditional Weir overflow and a 1 1/2 waste outlet. Perfect for a slotted waste/plug and chain.

This simple design is practical and hardwearing making the perfect addition for any kitchen or utility room.

Sizes available: 595 x 460 x 255mm.

Shaws of Darwen - Butler Sink


Perhaps one of the most iconic styles, a Butler sink is one of the most requested styles that we install for our clients. This style includes one offset 3 1/2" waste outlet and is suitable for a basket strainer or waste disposer.

Sizes available:

Butler 600 - 595 x 460 x 255mm

Butler 800 - 795 x 460 x 255mm

Butler 900 - 838 x 460 x 255mm

Butler 1000 - 914 x 460 x 255m

Like us, Shaws of Darwen are passionate about their making process, ensuring their brands heritage and expertise is shown throughout their design and production. Get in touch with our team to discuss, including Shaws of Darwen into your kitchen and utility room.


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