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The Beauty of Blue

There's something about blue kitchens that the UK is mad about- and it's easy to see why.

Traditionally, kitchen cabinetry was left unpainted, with paint seen as an unnecessary luxury that most homeowners couldn't afford. As the kitchen manufacturing industry took off, mass-production and new technology enabled people to expand the visions of their dream kitchen. Initially, muted colours such as stone and cream were the go-to; however, as trends in the fashion world grew in the 20th century, an explosion of colour ensued. It wasn't long until showrooms began to look like a bumper pack of crayons.

Lifestyle, personality and preference all have a role to play in choosing the colour of your kitchen and ensuring you make the right choice is never easy. However, many of our clients have ideas and inspirations in mind when they come to us, often with Pinterest boards, swatches and screenshots from online magazines, and they often share a common theme: blue.

Blue has blown the kitchen world apart in recent years- from soft duck egg to dark and moody navy; there's no denying this colour brings something elegant and calming to a home. Blue is the colour most associated with purity and peace, and, as the kitchen is often the busiest room in the house, many homeowners are drawn to this shade in order to inject a little steadiness and balance.

Fresh shades- such as Bone China Blue by The Little Greene Paint Company- are gentle and muted, and with a grey undertone are easy to pair with other colours and materials. Lighter hues look fabulous as an all-over colour- perfect for smaller rooms where reflecting light is essential. Dramatic tones- such as Farrow and Ball Hague Blue- are key to creating a bold and daring statement. These rich, heritage colours look right at home as a feature wall or used against a pale backdrop for the ultimate luxurious contrast.

At Thomas James Bespoke, we've designed and installed numerous blue kitchens over the years. Cherry Tree Lane is a prime example of using a rich, deep shade of blue (Hague Blue) for warmth and relaxation. Contrasted against pure white quartz and soft brushed wooden flooring- the combination is both timeless and elegant. Eden Gardens has more of a retro feel- the green undertones of the cabinetry handpainted in F&B Studio Green, paired with the gold fixtures and fittings and brown leather stools create a kitchen that hints at mid-century modern. Both calming, both relaxing, these two kitchens share a similar ambience whilst being absolutely unique.

With our exclusive colour mixing service, your kitchen doesn't have to be cloned from the internet. Each year we produce a colour palette of over forty shades, ranging from soft and delicate to bold and breathtaking. In this way, we ensure each kitchen creates a bigger impact and is entirely bespoke to you.


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