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The Beauty of Taps

When the Quooker tap first emerged onto the market, it seemed a bit redundant. You can get cold water from a conventional tap, and you can get hot water from the kettle- why would anyone want to merge the two into what appeared to be an accident waiting to happen? However, the Quooker has won over many homeowners with its functional, elegant designs, which are not only perfectly safe but eco-friendly as well. At Thomas James Bespoke, we love to partner with Quooker when considering the smaller details of a kitchen. We only work with high-quality, trusted brands who value luxury and functionality as much as we do.

Since it was invented in 1970 by Henri Peteri, it has revolutionised the way homeowners cook, clean, prepare food and drink, becoming an indispensable tool in kitchens across the world. Its compact, high-vacuum tank hides discreetly inside a base unit, belying its efficient power and longevity. At the turn of a tap, you can have either cold, hot or boiling water in an instant, saving time, energy and water. When combined with the Quooker Cube tank, you can also have chilled and sparkling water on demand. The sophisticated security collar is child-proof and requires a double movement to activate the boiling water stream- not so easy for little fingers- providing state-of-the-art safety.

The Quooker is undeniably efficient and functional, and we love the array of finishes and styles available to perfectly complement any kitchen. The Fusion square in matte black, for example, with its curved corners, is absolutely chic and modern. In contrast, the Classic Nordic looks more at home in a traditional kitchen, with the patinated brass finish nodding towards timeless elegance. Other colours available include polished chrome, nickel and stainless steel, so you're sure to find a finish to express your style.

At Thomas James Bespoke, eco-friendliness is always at the forefront of our minds, as we strive to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Quooker share in this ethos, which is why we're such advocates for the brand. The unique vacuum tank which powers the heating or chilling, keeps the water under high pressure, meaning it uses far less energy than boiling a kettle. The water only boils when it exits the tap, so it isn't continually boiling inside the tank. With the water being kept at the optimum temperature, there's no need to run to tap to achieve the desired result, meaning much less wastage, too.

The Quooker is not only a tap; it is a modern appliance suitable for every home, where functionality and innovation blends with style and elegance to change the way your kitchen works. Many of our clients agree that since incorporating a Quooker into their home, they can't imagine how they lived without one before.


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