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The Little Things That Makes A Difference

When it comes to remodelling a kitchen- or any room in the home for that matter- it's the little things that can have a big impact. It's the small design details that you may overlook that can affect the usability, functionality and overall cohesion of the space. We've been chatting to our talented in-house design team about these innovative and quirky elements that can take a room from okay to outstanding.

At Thomas James Bespoke, when you begin your remodelling journey with us, we sit down with you and discuss at length everything you hope to achieve from your new kitchen, bedroom or retail space. We don't simply suggest the most efficient placement for the hob or fridge, however. We talk about your lifestyle, how you interact as a family, couple or individual, delve into the many functions of the space, and get a real feel for who you are. In this way, we're better able to tailor a kitchen entirely to you, personalising each element from the big to the little things, so everything is reflective of your style and needs. It's the finer details, we've found, that make all the difference.

Mayfair Avenue

At Mayfair Avenue, one of our recent projects, the clients favoured floor-to-ceiling storage for everyday essentials. We installed a breakfast nook behind bi-fold doors, concealing all the frequently used appliances such as the toaster and kettle, along with breakfast staples like mugs and coffee. By doing so, the family has a hub around which their mornings can centre, without spreading mayhem across the entire kitchen.

Many kitchens are now used as homework stations, home offices and socialising areas, meaning power outlets are a must-have. In many of our projects, we install nifty little sockets or USB ports within island structures or drawers, enabling clients to continue working on that essay and keep an eye on dinner.

Eden Gardens

Another of our recent projects, Eden Gardens, features a number of innovative little elements. The installation of the downdraft extraction fan- whilst being extremely sleek and modern- meant the mechanism took up under-counter space. We designed a U-shaped drawer to fit perfectly around this, optimising storage and leaving no empty space. The homeowners' love for all things food left them with a plethora of herbs and spices without a home, so our team designed bespoke storage racks which sit snugly inside the double-width pantry doors for easy access and optimum organisation.

Allow Thomas James Bespoke to transform your day-to-day life with more of our little design hacks. Above are just a few of these details, but contact us today to discover what else we have in mind for your next project.


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