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Trending: Pared-Back Simplicity

There's no doubting that our lives are becoming busier and busier, as the rat race intensifies and covid:19 throws life as we knew it into disarray. People are now searching for calming, peaceful atmospheres at home to create a physical and emotional barrier between stressful work and relaxing home life.

An emerging trend of simplicity and pared-back beauty harnesses the idea of less is more, inviting inspiration from Scandinavian and Japanese culture and decor. With natural light, raw materials and soft, muted finishes, this scheme enables homeowners to leave daily stress at the front door and enter into a paradise of calm.

The pared-back look centres around raw materials and soft shades. For colour palettes, light grey and white are at the forefront, with a third colour such as pale green or blush to add a hint of warmth and depth. Matt finishes for cabinetry are essential- not a hint of gloss or laminate to be seen- as it offers a more understated, peaceful vibe.

'Less is more' has never been more apparent than with this trend, so opting for unfinished materials such as raw timber for the worksurfaces draws the entire scheme together. Pale, gentle types of wood- white oak, beech or ash- are perfect choices as they're durable and hardy, yet beautiful and softly coloured.

In terms of appliances, the majority of those small enough to be hidden away- the kettle, toaster, blender- absolutely must be, as the entire scheme revolves around simplicity and uncluttered surfaces. Fridge-freezers and washing machines are tucked neatly away behind cabinet doors, creating a seamless and linear look, whilst being within arms reach for efficiency.

The emergence in the tech market of Smart ovens means human-centred, highly functional cooking is now widely available, and the pared-back trend welcomes this kind of technology with open arms. Set at eye level for easy access and installed within units to decrease clutter and free up counter space, the flush, sleek appearance directly mirrors the simplicity of the trend.

To add interest to a design, geometric patterns can be introduced in the flooring or tiles. For the floor, herringbone or parquet designs- again, in a pale tone- are perfect at drawing the eye and creating a gentle focal point. Splashback tiles in a delicate shade of pink or blue punctuate the pared-back look within a stretch of cabinetry, creating a bespoke touch and emitting a hint of your own style.

For finishing touches, avoid busy, eye-catching materials such as gold or stainless steel, and instead consider matt black or white for a fuss-free look. Ideally, cabinetry handles will be non-existent, and either push-open or integrated lip handles directly within the timber for the ultimate in minimalism design.

If the pared-back look has (softly) caught your eye, we're here to help. Our talented design team can turn their hand to any number of trends and styles, incorporating inspiration from all over the world to bring you your desired look. Get in touch today to find out more.


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