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What Does Your Kitchen Say About You?

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Modern kitchens in a family home are no longer a place for merely storing wine and cooking a roast every Sunday. The days of a one-dimensional space have gone, and in its place is a multi-functioning family hub. Investing in a new kitchen is a time-consuming project that most likely won't drastically change for the next ten years. Your kitchen says a lot about who you are as a person, a cook, an entertainer and a family- which is why it's essential to consider how it will reflect your style, and how it will feel when you use it.

Country Style Kitchen

When you step into a country kitchen, you're immediately transported back to a time of baking bread, windows thrown open to welcome the countryside air, children running out to play. It's a relaxed and cosy space, with plenty of light and delicious smells. The owner views their country kitchen as their comfort zone, where you can welcome guests with showstopping meals and easy-going conversation, in a setting they'll never want to leave. Imagine pale cabinetry in sage or oatmeal with burnished brass drawer pulls, and a large, traditionally-stained oak island, and you're there.


Sleek and clutter-free- architectural kitchens border on the minimalism. This style tells people you're forward-thinking with an emphasis on organised design. With cabinetry finishes left mostly unpainted, you're offered an almost Scandinavian feel, with contrasting accents such as a bright white quartz island adding textural intrigue. An architectural kitchen owner revels in clean lines, organisation and simplicity. They let the beauty of the natural materials take centre stage, for maximum usability and wow-factor.


A classic kitchen takes inspiration from timeless styles and brings them smartly into modern living. Traditional Shaker styles, heritage colours such as plum and deep blue paired with modern appliances, suggest that this kitchen owner is elegant, efficient, and tasteful. With a home for everything, you're able to bring up-to-date technology into your home without compromising on tidiness.


Not one to dwell on the past, a modern kitchen owner is progressive and bold. Taking inspiration from future trends but relying on your own instincts to guide you, you're confident in your style and abilities. With multiple smart appliances and gadgets, a modern kitchen is an entertainer's dream, ensuring everyone has an unforgettable time. Pairing dark coloured cabinetry with lighter-toned work surfaces and brushed steel fittings provides an elegant, chic atmosphere.

The way you choose to furnish and decorate your home says a lot about you. When contemplating your new kitchen, Thomas James Bespoke get to know you and your lifestyle. Whether you're looking for laid-back and welcoming, or sleek and bang on trend, we ensure your needs are met to perfectly emphasise your style and personality.


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