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Why choose hand-painted cabinetry?

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

When you enter a kitchen for the first time, be it your own, your neighbour's or in a showroom, most likely the first thing you'll notice is the cabinetry- more importantly, the colour. With the kitchen's versatility ever-evolving and expanding, you need a finish, texture and colour that will last as long as the cabinetry itself, whilst remaining fresh, contemporary and beautiful. Hand-painted kitchens offer all of this in abundance, with the additional advantage of being able to choose a colour and finish entirely bespoke to you.

At Thomas James Bespoke, we consider the painting and finishing stage as important as any other, which is why we favour this centuries-old technique over more modern methods. Today, as kitchens are churned out of factories quicker than ever, speed and cheapness are the main priority. Modern manufacturing has introduced spray-painting of cupboards, which produces a smooth and even finish. However, as all of our cabinetry is hand-crafted from solid oak, we prefer painting to really showcase the care and passion we put into each piece.

Opting for hand-painted cabinetry adds colourful character, and with our in-house colour mixing service, you're able to avoid the over-used, copy-cat colours, ensuring the finish is custom-made for you. Additionally, you have the option to choose from a range of finishes, from matt to gloss or eggshell, and any variant in-between, depending on your desired look. Scuffs, scrapes and bangs are inevitable in a busy home, but you're able to touch up these imperfections easily and as frequently as necessary- something which isn't possible with spray-painted pieces from a factory halfway across the world.

Whilst spray-painting is considerably less time-consuming, hand-painting allows the craftsman to follow the grain along its natural route, enhancing and highlighting the wood's beauty. This makes it come alive, with tactile whorls and grooves that breathe easily- not suffocating under layers of synthetic paint. Furthermore, the finish offers easy manageability- the doors can be wiped clean in an instant- maintaining your kitchen's hygiene and longevity.

Our experienced and skilful team recognise the artistry that goes into each piece of cabinetry they produce. Without the passion, the hand-finishing would be altogether too time-consuming and lengthy. Our traditional methods perfectly complement our shaker kitchens; offering a fresh and timeless finish to a time-tested wood-working technique. With having to work so closely with the cabinetry, we're able to fill in any imperfections, cover any gaps which are inescapable with natural materials, ensuring a flawless and stunning kitchen for years to come.


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