Why you should choose a bespoke kitchen

When thinking about your dream kitchen, it can often feel as though being confronted with a hundred different aspects- design, style, colour, materials, fixtures, accessories, layout. It can seem daunting and off-putting at times. The idea of walking into a well-known showroom, picking the first thing you like and paying the price as seen can feel somewhat of a relief.

The word 'bespoke' may seem fitting to the above statement of overwhelming choices- if it's all my idea, won't I have so many decisions to make? This isn't the case at Thomas James Bespoke. Our team can guide you through the whole process, ensuring you achieve the exact kitchen you dreamt of, from the perfect colour scheme to the functionality each individual home needs.

Design Questionnaire
Design Questionnaire

We do the hard work for you- all we need to start with is an idea, a few must-haves, and let us do the rest. With this in mind, we've created a design questionnaire for you to fill out. Click here to request your copy. We consider the needs consistent with your lifestyle, the space you have and your preferences in terms of style and create something beautiful, functional and custom-made.

Whether you're working with a more compact space and are looking for space-saving ideas, or have the luxury of a kitchen which overwhelms you with the impossible number of cabinets, our team can create inspiring and personalised plans which can help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

Aside from our in house skills such as handmade cabinetry and eye for design, we are proudly partnered with many local suppliers of accessories; handles from Armac Martin, taps by Quooker, and work surfaces from elegant marble to custom-coloured quartz. Each of our partner companies has a vast portfolio of designs and ideas to assist you in deciding on those finishing touches which will bring the whole room together.

The team at our Lancashire workshop
The team at our Lancashire workshop

Our carpenters create your kitchen completely by hand in our Lancashire workshop, using only the highest quality of materials including solid oak. The care we put into our craft is returned to the environment- selecting only locally sourced, sustainable and eco-friendly resources in order to minimise our carbon footprint and reduce damage to our beautiful landscape.

Is bespoke starting to sound more appealing than a high street store? We thought so. Thomas James Bespoke provides hand-made cabinetry from sustainable sources, unique and beautiful fixtures and fittings, personalised planning tailored to your lifestyle, and custom colour palettes which, altogether, turn your one small idea into a practical, beautiful space, bespoke to you.

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