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Winter Kitchen Decor Tips

Updated: May 6, 2021

We cannot deny it any longer- winter has arrived in full force. From the relentless rain to the sudden drop in temperature, not forgetting the clocks going back, it's really quite dreary out there. But the home stands firm against the elements, and inside should be a contrast to the out- cosy, warm and inviting.

Chances are, the family will be spending more time indoors, with nights drawing in quicker, and the looming (dare we say it yet?) Christmas period.

Below are our top tips for readying your kitchen for the winter season, which needn't cost an arm and a leg, but can drastically or minimally transform your home into that snug and comfortable space you've seen in all the festive Hollywood movies.

Colour Change

Winter Kitchen Colour Schemes

If the last time you redecorated or remodelled the kitchen was during spring or summer, chances are you palette was fresh, clean and bright. However, coming into winter, this kitchen colour scheme may now seem too cold and inhospitable. With just a simple refresh of your cabinetry paint, opting for warmer kitchen colour schemes such as forest green, plum or deep blue can bring in the warmth and leave the chill at the door. At Thomas James, we have our own bespoke paint colours to choose from to help you find the perfect hue.

Lacking Space

Kitchen Colour Schemes For Winter

We know how it is over Christmas- with endless gatherings and feasts to prepare for, your previously large and unencumbered kitchen suddenly becomes a dumping ground for vegetable peels, roasting trays and serving platters. If your space allows, consider incorporating an island unit, which offers much-needed work surface space, and below, cabinetry to store all that extra food or utensils which seem to gather in the run-up.


Table Decorations

Kitchen transformations need not cost the earth, but simple changes can have a big impact. Dress your kitchen with wintry themed details, such as large candles or even candelabras for drama, introduce hand towels and runners in deep, lush tones, or style winter flowers with berries and evergreens into a wreath.

Somewhere To Sit

Kitchen Table Decorations

With all the delicious smells wafting around the home and the oven constantly bringing some beautiful creation to life, the kitchen is bound to bring the family in closer during the colder months. Consider cosy seating around the island- soft, plush stools- or dining table; soft furnishings and throws to create an atmosphere of welcome and warmth.

However you want to reimagine your kitchen this winter, Thomas James Bespoke has many ideas and tools at their disposal to help you bring your ideas to life, ensuring you have the snug, homely Christmas of dreams.


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