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Shaws of Darwen 

Founded in the closing years of the 19th century, Shaws of Darwen had the vision to handcraft the finest fire-clay sinks in England. Over 120 years later, this vision is the driving force behind the company. Gaining the company a reputation worldwide for creating sinks of the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. Every sink from Shaws of Darwen is handmade, with customers receiving a Certificate of Authenticity as well as each piece bearing the name of the artisan who created it on its base.

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We are proudly partnered with Shaws of Darwen, a local manufacturer which has been crafting exquisite wash-basins using the same time-honoured techniques for over a century. Their master craftsmen believe in quality, individuality and authenticity - passing on their knowledge to apprentices time and time again.


Nothing is mass-produced; instead, each wash-basin is hand-poured from local clay, then perfected with sponging and fettling to create an impossibly smooth surface. Once dry, the wash-basins are twice glazed to maximise the durability, shine and texture. As a result, Shaws' wash-basins are unique each time, and you can guarantee an impeccable finish and quality. 

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