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Beyond the colour of your kitchen, your kitchen worktop surface is perhaps the biggest consideration within your kitchen scheme. We can source any style of work surface, with each piece cut to suit your specific needs and finished to the highest standard.

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Created by blending natural quartz with glass, metal or colouring, quartz kitchen worktops are a favourite with our clients. Due to its man-made creation process, an endless number of style possibilities are achievable with this stone. Ranging from timeless white and black, to colourful and bold blues and greens.


A hard and resilient surface, this non-porous surface is extremely hygienic and able to withstand high temperatures. Whilst also holding heat as well as the cold, quartz is easy to clean and maintain, making it perfect for the kitchen environment.

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Marble kitchen worktops are one of the most requested pieces from our clients when they are discussing their dream kitchen with us. This beautiful material gives any kitchen timeless elegance, ensuring a practical and durable work surface that will last a lifetime. Being a natural stone, marble is highly resistant to scratches and cracks, making it the perfect work surface for any kitchen.


Due to the mineral impurities in each stone, you will never find the same piece twice. The colours available can vary greatly, from classic whites and blacks, to brown and even pink. Each piece used in our client's kitchens is hand-selected by our experienced team, giving you have a unique piece in your home.

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