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Maximising Your Utility Room

As open-plan living becomes more and more popular in modern homes, the thought of having a separate utility room may feel archaic or a waste of space. However, incorporating a separate area for bulky white goods, laundry, muddy boots and pet food storage can add value to your home, while hiding these 'unsightly' everyday practicalities from view.

On many people's wish list when house hunting, a utility room is seen as a standard requirement- despite often encroaching on the kitchen's existing floor plan. To fully integrate all appliances and storage in one room or segment the space into two slightly smaller rooms is a difficult choice when planning a new kitchen. If you're more drawn toward the organisation and uniformity that comes with a utility room, we've outlined a few details which can help you maximise your space.

Utility rooms offer a variety of functions, including removing fresh laundry from cooking smells and everyday life. They reduce the amount of noise coming from washing machines and tumble dryers, so you can relax in your living area in peace, or provide a place for muddy shoes, raincoats and dog leads, detaining the mess to one smaller space. As such, utility rooms are hard-working, which needs to be reflected in your choice of materials. Often, homeowners choose less elegant work surfaces and cabinetry, which can withstand everyday wear and tear. Alternatively, you can continue your style through from the kitchen, creating a beautiful and functional space. At Thomas James Bespoke, all our cabinetry comes with a 25-year guarantee so that you can create a durable, stylish space that will last as long as your kitchen.

If your designated utility area is smaller in size, utilising every inch of space is essential. Consider floor-to-ceiling storage in which to hide away vacuum cleaners, ironing boards and other high-use appliances, creating a cohesive and sleek design. Bulky washers and dryers can also be stacked vertically instead of horizontally- again maximising space- and including cabinet doors further hides unsightly white goods from view.

If your room can afford it, incorporating work surfaces and a small sink provides a perfect area for dishing out pet food, rinsing muddy boots and other messy tasks. We love Shaws of Darwen's specially-sized utility sinks, which take up less room than their traditional range, but offer function and style in abundance. Open shelving in a larger room enables you to store dry goods such as jars, and smaller appliances, blends utility room into organised pantry.

Bespoke kitchen at Eden Gardens
Bespoke kitchen at Eden Gardens

Investing time into the design of a utility room can save you a lot of stress in the long run, and can add value to your home. Whatever the primary function; that never-ending pile of laundry you want to hide away or dedicated storage for cleaning and pet supplies, a utility room is a hot commodity. With our dedicated design team, we can help you achieve a stylish and functional space that, even though it's hidden away, you'll revel in showing off to guests.


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