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Why are Shaws of Darwen sinks our go-to?

The type of sink you choose greatly depends on how you use your kitchen. If you're heavily invested in your dishwasher taking the brunt of day-to-day cleanups, it may be that you only need a single bowl. If you're a keen cook in a busy household, something larger, more robust, with more features may be the answer.

Regardless, sink styles and functionality have altered minimally throughout the years. Now, with homeowners looking to install sinks in a more prominent position- for example, in the central island- more attention is being paid to the design, durability and production methods than before.

At Thomas James Bespoke, we pride ourselves on partnering with companies who share in our passion for high-quality, traditionally-made products, such as Shaws of Darwen. Manufactured just a short way from our workshop in the Ribble Valley, this company holds a long-standing reputation for the most exquisite, clay-fired sinks. Founded over a century ago at the same Lancashire-based site from which they operate today, Shaws have garnered not only a national reputation but a worldwide one at that.

"At Shaws we don’t believe in mass production; we believe in quality, individuality and authenticity in all we do,"

Quality takes time, and each Shaws of Darwen sink takes around three to four weeks to craft. From Belfast to Butler sinks, single or double bowls, each piece is hand-crafted from start to finish. The process begins with locally sourced clay and water being hand-poured into the moulds. After a lengthy drying period, the sink is turned out and finished by hand, creating a flawless, smooth surface. The craftsman, at this point, then stamps his name on the base as a sign of authenticity. The sink is then glazed twice for extended durability and texture. Finally, they enter the kiln at 1,200 degrees celsius to complete this rigorous process.

It's not hard to see why each individual piece takes the amount of time that it does. When modern mass production and technology have no place in your methods, and the quality and finish are as perfect as they were back in 1897, Shaws of Darwen sinks don't happen overnight.

The finished products are both timeless and elegant, looking equally at home in both a traditional kitchen and a cool contemporary one. The sinks are available in both single and double bowls in varying sizes, with optional built-in fluted drainers for extra practicality. In addition to the traditional, smooth-fronted designs of the Belfast and Pennine, quirkier moulds produce more intriguing textural and eye-catching sinks, such as the deeply ribbed Ribchester, and gently patterned Entwhistle.

As well as being unequivocally elegant, Shaws of Darwen sinks come with a lifetime warranty and are resistant to heat, odour, chemicals, impacts, and dirt. It's not difficult to see why we love and promote this brand and why our clients are never disappointed by choosing a Shaws sink. Take a look through our portfolio to see for yourself how perfect a Thomas James kitchen looks with a Shaws of Darwen sink.


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