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Kitchen Colour Trends

Updated: May 6, 2021

Bespoke Green Kitchen at Oak Avenue
Bespoke Green Kitchen at Oak Avenue

With home accounts on Instagram growing rapidly in popularity over the recent years, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with options for kitchen colour schemes. Beautifully styled, from dramatic luxury to simplistic micro-homes, the inspiration is endless and constant. Gone are the days when your choices ranged from beech to oak cabinets, often coated in plastic or veneer for mass production. Today, the ability to customise your spaces in terms of colour schemes means that you can seamlessly blend your kitchen into the rest of your home.

The colour trends of the past year have influenced those to come in 2021, as people become bolder and less afraid of colours than ever before. At Thomas James Bespoke we annually create our own custom cabinetry paint colours, with the changes in seasons and fashions in mind. You needn't pick flat, run of the mill colours, with our wide range of richly pigmented, high-end hues to choose from.

Kitchen Colours - The Darker Side

It's evident that a dark colour schemes is on the rise. With more families opting for open plan living, giving larger spaces and more light, moody tones are much less claustrophobic. Deep blues, forest greens and autumnal plums add a sense of luxury and countrified living. Nothing makes an impact like dark against light, as light coloured worktops are incorporated to ease the intensity. These shades create a cosy, homey feel, lending feelings of calm and tranquillity in an often chaotic family environment.

Kitchen Colours - Soft and Light

In complete contrast to the dark colours, soft and muted palettes have also seen a huge rise in popularity. As clients consider different materials for surfaces such as concrete and coloured quartz, they're also tempted by complementing dusky pink, pastel green, or smoky grey kitchen cabinets. These more understated tones are soothing, giving kitchens a younger, fresher feel while hinting at modern designs with contemporary materials.

Kitchen Colours - Beautifully Indecisive

With so many styles and palettes to choose from it can be hard to pick just one trend to follow. This is why we've seen a rise in the trend of two-toned kitchens. Whether it's a contrasting colour for the island or dramatic base units paired with stripped back wall-mounted cabinetry, the use of two shades offers the choice to be bold with elements of your design.

If you're slightly less daring, simple pops of colour such as light details, a wow-factor tap or striking cupboard handles look great against grey or white kitchen cabinets. These details have been trending throughout 2020 and are set to continue into the new year. Think dark blue kitchen cabinets offset with pale pink island stools and brass furnishings, and you can imagine the beauty of colour pops.

Bespoke Grey Kitchen at Old Rectory Green
Old Rectory Green Kitchen in Down Pipe and Carnforth White

Despite the vast array of beautiful homes seen on the internet, when designing your own kitchen, let it be one hundred per cent you. Let your own lifestyle and preferences lead the way to creating a space that mirrors your personality and tells the story of your home so far.


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