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Top Trending Kitchen Colours

Choosing a bespoke kitchen allows you the freedom to be as bold or laid back as you want- particularly when it comes to colour schemes. Colour can convey a multitude of feelings and emotions, express your personality, create atmospheres and ambiences, and draw the eye to show-stopping features. Therefore, it can be a critical decision, one you absolutely want to get right. At Thomas James Bespoke, our excellent design team are on hand to assist with colour choices. As all our cabinetry is hand-crafted and hand-painted, if you're not in love with the colour on installation, it can be changed relatively easily (much more so than factory-made kitchens).

To inspire your next project, we've compiled a shortlist of the trending kitchen colours of Spring/Summer '21.


White kitchens will never go out of style. From shaker to ultra-modern, it's a colour that pairs beautifully with any style and material. As gloss finishes have seen a rise in popularity, the minimalist, clean-lines look has come into its own. White is neat and understated but never simplistic. One of our favourite ways to use white is in a marble worksurface- dazzling white with delicate multi-tonal feathering threaded through creates a truly elegant design.


As Britons continue to spend more time at home than ever before, we're looking for ways to adapt our homes to reflect our personalities, particularly those spaces acting as offices. Therefore, calming, gentle colours are making big waves amongst kitchen designers. These serene colours such as blush pink, sage green and soft grey work beautifully together for a multi-tonal scheme that's bang on trend for 2021. Invigorating colours such as these can completely change the feeling of a kitchen- transforming it into calm and comforting- as homeowners look to create a more positive home-work balance.


Dark colours still dominate the kitchen scene, and the timelessness of rich, bold colours will always make an impact. However, now is the time for the blackest of black. Beautiful in every finish, from matte to high gloss, it will flawlessly complement any colour of handles, fixtures and finishes, so you can subtly change the accessories on a whim. Variations on black, like soft grey, can add a touch of intrigue to a cool, sleek design, whereas colour pops as lighting or tiled splashbacks make for an eye-catching and modern scheme.

At Thomas James Bespoke, we release an exclusive range of colours seasonally, inspired by the latest trends. And as all of our cabinetry is hand-painted and finished, there are thousands of possible combinations to choose from, ensuring a unique and show-stopping kitchen designed around you.


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